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Working to bring back some

Phantom University content


I think that genX has a very conventional
Background, thanks to the structure of
their upbringing

Science - edu establishes a science Reality
Design - sparse media, early mtv, gave Pointers
Thus they had a small world in edu
And the pointers pointed the Way
But only looking back

The pointer for me was the romance
in a world, Europe, WITH the east
The pointer was Nikita, EU only followed later


Now the Millennials have a post modern
outlook, it MIGHT change when they look back btw

Technoscience - the online world 2008-2018
The pointers - the variation on fame they follow
The meaning - to be famous, a celeb - early wish

So the reality is not edu, and the pointer
makes the whole operational

So life is operational, on the fly

And just like genX when we were in the midst
of the end of cold war and start of EU...
we had no background edu on reality at all

There is only a small pointer that narrows
the wide object of life

And in reality that's Love

Love takes a while, but Youth does follow
leads About love, even 20 years before it's there

So do make signals, signs, pointers about
the world and love. Maps, pictures, music.

Those can point the way for years.

Thank You


In short


reality - pointers - meaning
reality - being - meaning

technoscience - design, cw, nikita - op

reality - fav blend of fame - fame

op reality

reality reality


idea m

TCM - time caps model ... meaning div -12+

which I did a lot 2014-2017
while 2011-2012 I did cyberpunk
while 2012-2013 I did sub b
while 1998 - 2011 was naive magic & ana

so early music is the most relevant
to your meaning, as you want a
time capsule model projected back later

so the time capsule model that
understands in the past, in memory &
past culture is the essence of meaning

ps the note 'meaning' is a 2gen general view

so magic, analysis & magic realo ... most imp

but nb...

almaas, meaning,
life without shame

essence ... this is not
a /div/ for rest of a

so don't let the 'div in time'
div in soc space ... ghosts & time
ban shee sidhe ... mastered of time

it's just a but so, not life t in concrete
with a left behind crowd ... they all know



idea m - 2016

angel principle.

awareness always builds
with understood . safe!
so an angel doesn't give,
but makes you see


idea m - 2016

counter force b principle.

limited pro is best routing


idea m - 2014/6-2018

endo omega abb

that I see how I create reactions
in people that I hear myself

they are belief / relig differences

and this relates to guilt in
the witch hunt, and anti semit



chriet en techniek

o wat het kan, en hoe dat kan
o niet inpassen in leven, maar als staaltje
van de kunst van een fabrikant
o niet voor rol dit of dat
hij bouwde huis vd toekomst zonder
aan huisvrouw of werkende man te denken


O 1980-1986 grammar jozef eliza ai nsci - analysis -'12
o 1st yr - 82 impl noormannen - dak ... sw ee
o 82 romantiek ... kruisiging ... bg oppo psych
o 83 adv game - m bw - eliza ai 88-97-13 ... ANA< 12 realo
o 86 kernoorlog - cw - fan oo / that/sg reag ... 91/18 IMPR<

o 88 koorts is v lichaam - m h mc .. lich, chem of micr
o 89 chriet titulaer - m / 93 fmt ... ingrid 97/24
o last yr - 94 mens bedwingt zon 2594ad
sep internet ... 95 18 ... 23jr homepg

van 1997 tot 2006 heeft differential mechanisme
de informatie voor de andere helft vd twinsoul
verzameld. dit is hetzelfde mechanisme als
van de klimaatberekening van 2018. in 2006
was het af en gaf de symmetry *beauty, die
symmetry had ik al als regel in mijn hoofd

sg: raadt osho achtige *bliss aan
12/26 08.00am cet


o 1987 ew
o 1998 ta, ew ... grammar ai eliza cw ANA

o 2004 hyp yg
o 2005 caer

falcon, Egypt, mp hall
o 2006-02 fan 2006-03-05 oo
o 2006-04 dak erbij, Drent
o 2008-04 til 2008-07 .ee

o 2012 magic realo, shaman ... ANA -> BIND
tel not realtime, prf 2x yt NO. end proj

o 2014-06 theory omega, endo, abb
o 2014-08 sg meer op voorgrond
o 2015-07-28 til 2017-06 2yrs lem

2017-08-15 i
2018-01-14 ii
2018-07-28 iii
2018-09-28 iv & v
2018-10-10 2018-11-14 over naar endegeest


writing 2015-2017 on topics

alcohol h
bussemaker on twt arrest
C & masturbation
free will
jo stafford
lady gaga
radiant flashtime
RE to MEDS & radio pirate